This is a carnivorous plant that I saw in the Obi store in Hoexter, where we went today for several errands.
After our visit there we went to the fabulous garden of the University of Applied Sciences in the same town. We often come there to have a look of the plants, bushes, and flowers.
We found there the Robinia tree, actually three different types.
This tree has caused us some mystery that we came to resolve in the last weeks. It happened like this: we have wisteria in our garden, and somewhere I read that there are also wisteria plants with white flowers, which I could not remember ever had seen.
But suddenly we discovered all in our surroundings huge trees with hanging white flowers, and I assumed immediately that these were wisteria flowers.
It was a riddle that we never had noticed these trees, as there are so awfully many everywhere.
When the farm-woman pointed to the trees with white flowers along the Diemel river, she called them Acacia trees. This was a surprise to us, and a search for what these trees were, started. Now we know they are pseudo-acacia trees. Riddle solved. Pooh!!!

Tomorrow Saturday the 19th of May a new Silly Saturday Challenge.
The tag is #SilS85, or #SillySaturday85, and #SillySaturday will do too.

Thank you Anni, BikerBear for hosting the Flower Friday Challenge.

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