By Topsyturvy

Small world

Today I met a lady who was brought up in a village a few miles from my home town and found we had a shared history at primary school. The world can be a very small place! It was lovely to finally meet her and her husband properly.

I blipped these beautiful crosiers on my walk up the track to catch a lift. I've been watching them extend their necks over the past week as I've driven past and in my perceived haste never got round to actually stopping for a blip. When you actually stop and look you find so much more ... a mass of violets blooming in the grass verge, a lovely natural flower display of daisies, violets and dandelions too. And the birdsong of larks, oystercatchers and curlews ... shame to get into a car and leave it behind!

I'm afraid my days here are very predictable. Yes, I dug more concrete out of the garden this afternoon and yes, I played golf tonight. One of these activities was a lot more enjoyable than the other; I'll leave you to guess which ;-)

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