It’s over

It’s been a really stressful week at work and I’m so glad that it’s over.

Paul came today to install the new vertical radiator in the conservatory but it’s damaged. The new one will arrive on a Monday. But the conservatory already looks better without the big horizontal one.

After work I’ve been back to the funeral parlour with David’s ashes and the geo urn. It was nice to see Mandy again. Together we put his ashes in the urn. Unfortunately they don’t all fit. I think that i’ll just add the remainder to the compost.

And HtP and i have been out with good friends this evening. It was a lovely end to the week.

And as I’ve worked so hard I didn’t get an opportunity to take a photo. Thank you HtP for sharing this one. I do have some in the garden but not as stunning as this one.

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