By dreaming


Still in getting-myself-ready-to-go mode, I got a hair trim today and then, on impulse, a manicure.  The hair salon and the nail salon are next door to each other on the ground floor of my apartment building - very convenient.  The owner of the salon (in the photo above) and all her employees are immigrants from Vietnam. The majority of neighborhood nail salons in Seattle seem to be run and staffed by Vietnamese women; I've wondered if this is a way for them to get work visas so they can stay here and learn English.  That would be similar to the way that Chinese restaurants are the first place of employment for immigrants with no English.

The owner is a very outgoing woman who remembers everyone's name and is always calling out her favorite phrase, "Love you more."  She has it on signs all over the room, as you can see next to the mani-pedi chair.  She makes the floral covers for the chairs herself, and changes them periodically when the mood strikes her.

I took some flower photos today, but they all came out too blurry for Flower Friday..

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