Seeing Beyond Looking

By SandraSuisse

Wedding Hearts for August!

When my son and his girl-friend got engaged last July, I crocheted wedding bells to send them at Christmas! You can see them here:

I had the idea of making them some sort of table decoration for the wedding day and came up with a few ideas after asking them if they thought it would  suit their taste and own ideas! We finally decided on a heart shape and they wanted them in red. The tablecloths will be white.
I will be crocheting forty of these hearts and have now done sixteen! So I've been very diligent! I store the ribbon in a jam jar so that it keeps clean and uncreased!

I chose this pattern because it's fairly easy to do (I just need to concentrate and count stitches!)

I was so happy to have found a red satin ribbon that matched the colour of the cotton so well!

The arrangement is to give me an excuse to make a still-life photo!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend whether you're interested in watching the Royal Wedding on TV or not!

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