We've done a lot of that today. I don't think I can relate any one of the stories on here, apart from to tell you the photo before this one was a remarkably contrasting scene. 

The other belly aching moments were in our usual style that we haven't shared for quite some time. It's been a funny day!

The cycling was hair raising, probably dangerous. The winds were ferocious and my replacement bike has super wide wheels (check them out!) and a long reach.  On a breezy day, you'd sail. On a gusty day, you're more likely to keel over. It's been gale force.  Trying to hang on with the long reach was an understated, tense

You can see the white water in the photo and maybe get an impression of the wind with the flattened tall grasses in front of our bikes.  It's probably too hard to see the sideways yachts on the sea.

We halved the ride but still had a good circuit and took in Arzachena (Atsakenna) on the way home with just the best latte macchiato. Hopefully, it'll be better set up tomorrow with normal wheels too. 

This afternoon, we took a trip to the stunning northwest coast at Santa Teresa Galura and Capo Testa. We found a beautiful square but sadly no GF so it's been more chips and no veg which is driving me a bit insane now. 

We explored Valle de la Luna; an area of granite formations shaped by the wind and rain, rather like Brimham Rocks on speed. Piggy was our favourite. (Maybe he'll get blipped instead of Liz.)

We raided the supermarket for food we've been craving and created our own GF Italian mezze which was delicious.

Hot showers, more laughs and working on a knotted calf just leaves me to fall asleep.

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