Like our cafe backdrop, the last 24 hours have been surreal. 

I'll gloss over the hire car that we paid maximum cover for that doesn't apply on half of Sardinian roads, brush over the bunk beds that we spent hours, no days, trying to avoid in the booking process, the fact that only one bed was made up at 11.30 at night, and plenty more... It was a fraught arrival!

Needless to say, I was still awake at 1.30am, mentally working out a plan of action, and awake at 6.30, not wanting to forget my plan. 

I left Liz tucked up in her kiddies' room and headed off to find a supermarket, sort another option for accommodation, just in case, and tell the bike hire people we'd be delayed with our little fracas. I confess to plugging in a rude phrase to log our location on the satnav because it made me laugh (and still is when we turn in.)

Short story... We spent around an hour in heated conversation with the rep who offered us the apartment we had actually booked for another 80 euros cleaning fee because we'd spent one night in two beds with half the bedding each. Erm... Don't think so!

Eventually, after offering to strangle me (in jest) at a final, and thankfully, funny turning point, he showed us to the right place. And it is truly lovely. 

So, the bike ride was much less eventful, almost! My bike was broken by the previous hirer but a similar replacement had arrived from the other side of the island.

We did a lovely circuit that took in lunch here, at San Pantaleo.  Liz is busy map reading if you can spot her. Beautiful architecture and the most stunning backdrop on the ride in weather that really added to the mood of the day... 

Mostly sunny with thunderclouds and a few dashes of rain sums it up nicely.  

We're now settled in and have had dinner on the coast after a torrential downpour that we were lucky to miss on our ride.  Hopefully, our lucky spinner is now pointing the right way!

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