Tim and I got up fairly handy today and drove down to Kent to do our favourite walk near Ightham Mote again.  It was a beautiful day and everything was in full bloom - it already looked quite different to when we walked there a few weeks ago.  The bluebells are almost done now, but everything is even greener and bushier than before.  

For some reason I found it rather hard-going today - so absolutely knackered by the time we got back to the car (after about 7 miles of walking).  Had a quiet afternoon at home - but I did run out with Tim at one point to save a baby bird from a neighbour's cat.  Luckily it was completely unharmed - and very happy to let me pick it up.  It was so cute!!  Really not very far off being able to fly, I don't think.

I didn't really know where it had come from, but there is a bird house very near to where it was, and exactly the same sounding chirps coming from inside, so I encouraged it in through the door.  Really hope it was the right house!  (If not, I hope the parents can't count and just feed it anyway.)

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