A time for everything

By turnx3

Flower Friday: Raindrops on peony

We spent the morning at home getting some jobs done - I was doing jobs in the house, while Roger finished installing our new mail box - our old one had become very rickety and was rusting away. Yesterday he had got the old post out, and installed the new one, and this morning he was attaching the number panel to the top of the actual mail box, and attaching the mail box to the post. It’s looking very good now, a shiny black mail box on a white post, and currently surrounded by purple iris in bloom, and a pink peony. I was originally going to blip it, but then I noticed the raindrops on the peony petals, and decided to go with that instead for Flower Friday. When Roger had finished the mail box, he did the edges of the grass along the path and the drive way, so with the freshly cut grass which I did yesterday, the edges done and the new mail box, the house is looking pretty good from the front at present! After lunch we went to the gym to work out, so we were ready for our bed tonight!

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