Ride and a half

Gunther, the bike shop manager, did say, didn't he, that when you have a dodgy start to your holiday, you're in for a great time later on. And he wasn't wrong!

Today has been the grand finale bike ride in stunning weather.

We cycled in a new direction up to the hilltop road to Palau which was a beautiful angle to take in the rocky scenery and roadside wild flowers. 

A new stretch again sent us through lovely countryside up to Bassacutena again and on to the delightful hilltop town of Locusanto with multi-storey old buildings coloured in rustic ochres. By this time, we're on our second coffee shop, and enjoying every ounce of view and caffeine. 

Our run home was a delight but wouldn't be complete without a detour up to Arzachena for our last coffee. The waitress laughed as we rocked up!

We've had a huge pasta dinner, sunbathed, packed, taken a photo of my mosquito bites the size of the UK, Ireland and the Isle of Man (I'll spare you the Blip!) and are now hoping for a smooth exit and return of our deposit from the guy who tried to take 80 euros from us a week ago. We've shared lots of smiles, pleasantries and a few jokes since so fingers crossed.

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