Mrs Happy

By Riwaka7


I got amongst Trev's jars of bolts, screws, washers etc and it was all quite fascinating looking at things left in the jar, tilted on the side and seeing it through the macro lens. I expected to get something hard and industrial looking but instead got quite soft effects in many cases. Here there are two rivet heads that shone out so I have gone for them.
An extra of washers, might be spring washers I am told. I didn't see the hatch pattern on them till up on the screen.

Jens Photos is looking for a host for June for the TT challenge. I must say I have enjoyed doing it. I have learnt a lot about photos and some technical type things as well. I am pleased I had a go. If you would like to contribute please email Jen on Jenny Mitchell She will welcome you with open arms.:-))

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