Apples and Oranges

By Anitsirk

I just love these really big mugs for, in my case, tea. I think they contain half a liter, or something. This is my latest... I fell for it, and that was that. :) My cousin, who gave me the first one, created a mug monster, I think! :) I also love, love Earl Grey tea, and when I get my hands on a really nice one... it's just heavenly! This one is rather pricy...but, oh so wonderful! 
Today, I finally got my new gym card! When you've been a member at Fitness 24 seven for three years, you get an upgrade, and with this upgrade there's a new card - a golden one, really pretty :D , and some extra discounts and other perks. I went in rather early and did an hour workout, so I didn't think I would be able to get the card today. My friend doesn't open until 12 and that needs to be respected, even if she's my friend. But, when I was finished, she was too - with her workout, and we tolk a walk around town, looking in shops. I found a really nice t-shirt, lovely print! But...too expensive!! I rather buy a fabric with a similar print and sew one myself... didn't say that in the shop, though... they were really helpful and friendly. I followed my friend into some shops and then went back to the gym so she could open and start her work day. I'm happy I stayed, because we haven't talked for a while and it was nice to catch up and, get my new card. :)

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