Common Enchantments

By MaryElizaR

Heart stopper

At the park on the little bridge looking for water reflections to photograph.  My heart did a nose dive before the photographer in me pulled up the camera with only the 50mm lens on it!    You may not be able to tell but this cottonmouth (nasty poisonous!) has a frog in his mouth.   He swam away probably thinking that I would get his breakfast!      Nope..I snapped a photo with the phone while it was swimming and then I made my way to the exit!   Got some nice green reflections though!!

You never know what might show up when you go out on a photography walk!    Which is why I limit my hiking in the summer months..too many snakes live here!   Especially around water.    Who knew there were snakes like this in the middle of downtown Lexington!?

Mountains are a little friendlier for summer photo walks but still have bad snakes like rattlers.  But some of the places have wide paths that enable hikers to see what is there!    I need a mountain trip soon!   Or maybe I should take up street photography or still life.  

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