... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Wimbledon Park: Primary Contact

Tickling the water's surface in large.
Extra: Matcha Latte Art(/Heart)

Well, this was dramatic: this was the second landing that I saw today (the first is right from here), and one of the two incoming swans ended up splashing to a stop very close to me (and with full air-brake deployment needed to prevent overrun...). This was part of a series of 9 shots (right from here), and the first sign of contact.

I also photographed a greylag entering the water, and mallards entering and leaving, as well as a dominant swan initiating courtship which culminated (/fizzled out) in some synchronised preeningpeering, and peeking.

Today's other shots are on Flickr here (or right from Pretty pale mallard flapping).

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