... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Richmond: Mandarinling Macro

Closer in large.

*Sigh* "At least there won't be much to photograph in Richmond today..."
When will I learn...?

I narrowed it down to 55 at least.
There was a friendly heron (with Corbyn?), mandarin ducks, and then these mandarin ducklings with their leucistic mother... They were so cute, and I had the macro mounted; they did paddling, peeringposing, preening, Pilates, and piling...
I uploaded a few amusing series, each right from their links:
Jumping down, Matrix-style
Mandarin vs. mallard
Mandarin drake shake
Springing up
Mandarin duckling macros

The mandarin drakes were looking particularly splendid in the sunshine, whether posing, paddling, barkingunruffled, wind-ruffled, and I liked my heron graffiti shot.

Others are all on Flickr here (or right from Flying in)

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