Little Miss Performer

For the last few weeks Miss E's school has been practising for their musical performance "A Night at the Musicals, the Sequel"
Tonight was first night!
I had to laugh (or else cry!!) at some of the messages flying around on WhatsApp complaining that they were missing lessons. Some people!!
When I was Miss E's age I was lucky enough to have Miss M-M as a teacher and in those halcyon pre National Curriculum days we spent an inordinate amount of time rehearsing and preforming wonderful plays, musicals and choral speaking.
I can still recite The Pobble Who Has No Toes and I'm still word perfect at all the songs in Oliver! and The Wizard of Oz.
I remember those magical experiences a thousand times more clearly than I remember learning the Water Cycle or my 8x tables or the colours in French.
People are idiots!!!
My mum came with Mr K, Miss L and me to the show and it was AMAZING!!!!! Songs from lots of different musicals - wonderful solos, fabulous costumes, lots of jazz hands, top hats and sparkle. Just wonderful!
Miss E's class did Food Glorious Food from Oliver!, Revolting Children from Matilda and joined in the grand finale when everyone sang A Million Dreams from The Greatest Showman. Oh my goodness me that last one made me cry. Miss E's class walked up the aisle singing and then the lights went out and they all had flickering tea lights. It was beautiful.
Well worth missing lessons to practise for!!
I have never seen Miss E look as happy as she did at the end when they were taking their bows and the head was praising them all. She was glowing with pride and happiness and joy.
It was one of the best moments of my life!!
And she was full of it all the way home - how awesome it had been; how much she'd enjoyed being with everyone getting ready, how like totally awesome it had been; how so and so had pulled out at the last minute so Miss X had to step in and was totally awesome; how Blah Blah had fallen over and scraped all her leg just before going on but had managed to carry on and no-one had even noticed which was so awesome; how much she loved, loved, LOVED it!!!!!!!!

Bloody awesome!

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