Doddering Dillies

Another glorious late-spring morning so I was out early while the world was still cool and dewy. Today I went to Barnack Hills and Holes NNR where there was almost too much to photograph - Pasqueflower blooms and seed heads, mats of vibrant Purple Milk-vetch, Early Purple-orchids and the first of the Man Orchids. But perhaps my favourite plant of the day was the humble Quaking Grass, surprisingly colourful when viewed closely and elegant at every stage of its life cycle. When fully expanded, the flower heads tremble gently in the slightest breeze, a habit which has given rise to a surprising variety of vernacular names including Cow-quake, Didder, Dithering-grass, Dodder-grass, Doddering Dillies, Doddle-grass, Earthquakes, Jiggle-joggles, Jockey-grass, Lady's-hair, Maidenhair-grass, Pearl Grass, Quakers, Quakers-and-shakers, Shaking-grass, Tottergrass and Wag-wantons!

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