Humber Farm

The theme for Wideangle Wednesday (hosted by BobsBlips) is countryside. Where am I likely to find that in rural South Devon? It's a lovely day so I headed up the road a little way and stopped by a favourite field. This time I thought I'd get it from a different angle. The chosen angle looks over the patch of trees (which is bigger than I imagined) to Humber Farm and on to include the fields and hedges for miles right up to the distant tors of Dartmoor on the horizon.

It seems apt to include an image of classic English countryside as I'm heading off to Provence, France tomorrow. This time though instead of our steady meander through France, we'll be flying into Nice to arrive at Pip and Bruno's. It's just a short stay for a week this time.

The weather isn't looking typically Provençal at the moment but never mind, it isn't looking too good here from tomorrow and it'll be lovely to see them and Marian's brother and wife, George and Ann who are already there.

Must do some packing!

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