Moorland Tree

After seeing the lovely display of bluebells at Emsworthy the other day, I decided to go to see how they are at Holwell Lawn. It's not far from Emsworthy, just down the road towards Houndtor. I first came here with Digital Photographer magazine in 2011 on one of their apprentice/expert features. The date was 13th May and this hawthorn tree was covered with white blossom and looked wonderful. The funny thing is I don't think I've seen it in blossom since. I suspect they nust have sent a team out to 'dress' it before we got there. That was a very moody day with a dark sky behind it but for one moment the sun broke through to light it.

Today was another glorious day with almost cloudless blue sky. Like at Emsworthy, the bluebells this year are the best I've ever seen them. In the background to the left is Hay Tor. I've added an extra of the general extent of the bluebells.

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