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Seven-Years of Blipping

A meeting today in Milton Keynes meant an early start; it was to discuss the sample scripts before we start marking. We had a working lunch, which we had to collect ourselves and although the meeting should have been longer, it was actually only about three hours of discussing the scripts, which to me was rather rushed. Over five hours travelling as the trains this end were delayed or cancelled and ended up being only one an hour. The one I was going to catch, which normally stops at my station, was suddenly changed and was not stopping at all the stations it normally does, including mine.
Today is my seven-year anniversary, with not one day missed although some have been back-blipped; it is the day when I usually photograph Dougal and Florence together. However, I was late home and had no time during the day to get them together. When I arrived home, Dougal was in the house, having been chased by Magpies on and off all day; (having caught a fledgling yesterday,) Florence was on the balcony. So I took a quick picture of Dougal waiting for me to sit down so that he could sit on me, and one of Florence on the outside of the balcony rails as an extra.

Many thanks to everyone who visits, leaves comments or just looks, your visits are appreciated, although I have been very bad a commenting. Hopefully I will rectify this during the summer when I have less demands on my time. 

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