By Topsyturvy

Here, there

Usual Weds run over to Orphir for sewing except that today I stopped to walk Poppydog at Scapa beach. Someone had made a display of limpet shells at the Royal Oak commemoration park which appealed to me.

Sewing done, home via Kirkwall and then the weekly tidy before tonight's sewing meeting. It's good to have a reason to clear - it'd be done a little less frequently otherwise.

I think I had a caffeinated coffee too late in the day ... still far too full of energy for this late hour. Or maybe just the buzz from a nice sociable evening :-)

LH made it home by early evening after two relay lorry trips. The car is safely at a garage and is being seen to promptly, so hopefully that's the end of that particular saga. LH is knackered but glad to get to bed early!

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