A long day

Today was a very busy day, with lots of events to go to. I especially liked the session in which recent graduates met with class of 68 women to compare experiences and perhaps give and get advice. I was pretty tired by the time I got to the evening event, cocktails, dinner and dancing in a tent out by the tennis courts. The food was fine the company was lovely but the music was way too loud. It was a group of our classmates who put together a rock band after graduation and have continued to play over the years and at every reunion. They are very good but the amplification was too much. Here you see some of my dinner companions. On the left is Vida, my senior roommate who is a professor of Russian language and literature at Tufts University. On the right is Lee Ann Wilson, a world-renowned astronomer who is a professor at Iowa State University, and in the center is her husband, the professor of mathematics at Iowa State. A pretty impressive group, but fortunately they do not despise my lack of distinction and like me anyway.

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