A plan

I saw Dr. Babington today and, based on the MRI, he believes that the sciatica is being caused by compression at S1.  So he will be doing an epidural steroid injection in hope of relieving the pain.  I'm waiting for a call to schedule that.  There is a lot more wrong with my spine, but we're going to stick with symptoms as they come up.

The doctor is up in Edmonds and I decided to go down to Sunset Drive on the waterfront to take some photos.  It's twelve years since I moved down from Edmonds, and I was surprised at how much has changed on that stretch of road.  For one thing, there is now a wide paved walking path alongside the on-street parking, and rows of fragrant rose bushes have been planted along the verge on the water side.  What that means is that is now very difficult to get a view of the actual waterfront itself from the parking.  When my mother was alive, we would go down to Sunset Drive pretty regularly, to enjoy the breeze off the water and watch the boats and paddle boarders and people on the sand, as well as to watch the ferry come in and go out.  Aside from the ferry, it's not possible to see any of those things from the parking now.  Very disappointing.

I stopped in at QFC on the way home and spotted these lovely cakes in the bakery case (Extra.)  I love the one with the bow on top.

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