By dreaming

A visit

Lex did come to visit this afternoon, and it was lovely.  We had tea and talked for a long time.  Minkelina was not happy that Lex was there - she just doesn't trust her - but I coaxed her up onto her pillows and kept petting her, so she stayed and eventually dozed off.  Then Lex was able to get some photos of Minkie for her blip today.

I photographed Lex beneath these paintings because they were done by her and have pride of place in my living room.  The one on the left is a watercolor of me with Manda as a little one, sitting on my lap reading a book.  The other is a pastel landscape I really enjoy.  Lex has been making art for fifty years and it's been a joy to see her grow and change as an artist.  I love the work she's doing now.

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