Life, a daring adventure!

By Citril

We Will Remember Them

This morning Andrew, Mum and I attended the Raigmore Hospital Memorial Service for babies who have died during or soon after pregnancy. Rev Dr Derek Brown led the service with his mellow, serene manner to the fore with Lindsay Rodgers, who was our chaplain with Eilidh Beth, taking part and Dr John Machin playing the organ. He played beautifully at Eilidh Beth's funeral.

It was so sad to see the chapel full, to see familiar faces and to see many whom I had never met before. The chaplains were only allowed to light one candle this year, which I was honoured to do as we thought about our babies, but they gave everyone a candle away and suggested we light them at 7pm this evening.

I am at work, but took my candle with me. I did not, however, bring anything to light it with .. and we have no cooker at work ... do you know how much smoke is produced when you light a bit of paper in a toaster!?! I am sure our Heavenly girls will be giggling at their Mummy panicking that the fire alarm was going to go off!! The thought of a couple of fire engines outside work was quite appealing though!

So I light this candle thinking about our lassies Alex and Eilidh Beth, thinking about the hopes and dreams we lost when they left us, but especially thinking about that glorious day when we will be reunited in God's presence. And I think of and pray for all those families there today who wept for their babies.

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