In the woods

Tackled a few household chores this morning then, after lunch, went back into the 'Music room' to continue with the DIY. On to the painting now - managed to cover about half the woodwork (there's a lot of it...) with primer/undercoat before MrM returned from Mouldy's mandolin lesson.

We went down to Alnwick to do a supermarket shop, and to buy rest of the paint for the 'Music room'. Also acquired the tools required for putting up the lining paper. We had a box full of such things when we moved from Allanton, but they seem to have disappeared into the mists of time!

Had hoped for a few nice landscape shots on the way there or back, but by the time we left home it was raining hard, and on the way back it was misty. The rhododendrons in the woods near Lemmington Hall are the best I could do. It was worth getting out of the car to take the photo, just to savour the pungent aroma of wild garlic in the air!

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