...into the mist.

Not feeling 100% this morning (maybe something I've eaten?), so it was a slow start to the day.

Not so bad after lunch, so popped out for a few essential items of shopping. Then it was back to the painting - did quite a bit more of the primer/undercoat before an early meal. MrM is playing at a ceilidh in Embleton this evening, so I went with him in the car as far as the local garage where he stopped for fuel, and walked home - just to stretch my legs. Again hoping for a nice landscape shot but, like yesterday, the mist came down and the temperature dropped. The pylons in Glendale Valley were disappearing in to the gloom.

About to continue with the painting, hoping to complete the undercoat on the woodwork this evening. But first the fiddly bit - putting masking tape around the window and new sill.

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