By seizetheday

Weather watching

After a late start, we spent some time clearing the living room and preparing to lay the new floor boards. At which point MrM announced that he could really do with a cross-cut saw in order to do the job efficiently and, of course, it would be very useful in the workshop too!

The forecast for the afternoon was good - warm and sunny according to the Met Office. So, after some discussion, it was decided that we would go down to Alnwick to purchase said saw and, at the same time, pop in to the supermarket to buy goodies for a picnic by the sea and a walk on the beach. But it's Bank Holiday Sunday so, true to form, the weather wasn't that good at all! The wind had got up, and neither of us fancied being sandblasted on the beach, so we settled for a picnic in the car watching the rain blow over the Cheviot. Neither of us was prepared for bad weather so, as the rain reached the car, we decided to cut our losses and drove home. Best laid plans...

Only a couple of days since Theresa May announced that she will resign as Conservative party leader on 7 June, and already I'm fed up with hearing about the contest for the leadership. A bunch of scoundrels the lot  of them. And no surprise that, apparently, our MP is managing Boris's campaign to become leader and PM...

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