Achy Breaky

MrsMY managed to arrange things so that she could ride out with Angie during the week and today take daughter MissMM with her. Used the western saddle as the horn on the front is a useful aid although as most men who have ridden on one of these will at some point learn, it can have a disadvantage too.
While here we talked about last nights storm that came at around 20:00 (8:00 pm for the Brits). Loads of thunder & lightning and then a good portion of marble sized hail which we even filmed from the terrace as it just about covered the ground. But that was it, nothing unusual. We thought the storm was gone when suddenly there was a lightning strike very close and a spark in the room where all the electric fuses and controls are. Angie happened to be in the room and I was next door in the kitchen cooking and heard the click of a fuse blowing. But there wasn’t a single fuse knocked out. Strange.
We ate and later when I tried to check my mobile for messages, noticed there was no Wi-Fi and the landline phones were blinking that they had no connection. The spark & click had been the router being fried. Before we had all our electrics redone last year, the router being hit by thunderstorms was common and we always try to unplug it beforehand. Sadly we have now found out that this routine needs to be restarted. Luckily I had a second router from previous years experiences and had us connected again quickly.
Then MrsMY told us that the village, just 700 metres from us, had experienced such heavy hail that the fire brigade had to summon a snow plough to make the roads passable and avoid flooding. Mrs B who lives almost next door posted a video on Facebook later showing a moving glacier of ice on the road outside her house.
It’s quite possible that the heavy hail did get very close to our house as at 6:00 am while letting the chickens out, I noticed several large piles of hail at the gutters of the horse stable roof. Later at 11:00 am in the village, there were still some piles to be seen.
The girls had a good one-hour casual stroll through the forest on the horses while I fought off increasing toothache.  Last week had phoned my dentist to make an appointment as I could feel something was brewing. I was asked if urgent as they would be on holiday for next two weeks. No, it could wait till then, I said. It could not and at 16:30 I gave up trying to hold out and phoned the reserve dentist. Got an appointment at 17:15 and at 18:08, I left the practice with a tooth having been pulled. I had noticed it was a bit loose when playing with it with my tongue in the waiting room and when the Doc took a look, he was in no doubt it had to come out. When injecting the painkiller stuff, a load of puss came out.
What amazing service and a very friendly and competent team. The young dentist had seemingly taken over the practice in the last year or so. I learnt while lying in the chair waiting for the numbing to work that they were having to cope with being on call for the two other practices also in Ottobeuren who were on holiday and things were a bit hectic.
Luckily it’s a back tooth so now visible problems with one less tooth.  

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