New Camera, Lock Delay

The 'Lock Delay' does not relate to the camera, love the camera. I was going down to the docks where there is a 'Just MOT's' garage to meet our daughter Johanna and I got stuck waiting for the lock lifting bridge as small boats were passing through to the lock to enter the Gloucester Docks basin.
Took the opportunity to try the new Lumix from the car for the bridge shot and then on the way back stopped for a minute to take the boats in the lock. If you look at the boat at the front you can see that they are dropping in height to match the basin water level.

The new Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ40 camera is very simple, it's described as an 'Entry Level' camera and it suits me just fine. Only thing is I can't just slip it into my pocket but the picture quality seems very good even with a full zoom (48x).
Looking forward to the photos in Belgium, not sure if I will be able to post daily but hope so.
Oh, our daughters Kia Sportage passed the MOT by the way even with the new rules that came into force yesterday.

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