My Last Photograph on Blipfoto.............

No, I don't mean I'm leaving Blipfoto, don't get your hopes up too much, it's just the last one with the little Casio Elixim.
For the past month it has been frightening the hell out of me by making VERY LOUD cracking noises occasionally. Really sounds like it is exploding so I was a bit worried, also by the smell which is very familiar to me after decades of working with electronic equipment, it is the smell of a burning component. It obviously doesn't completely destroy itself or the cracking would stop.

So, today, after Marlane also experienced the dangerous sounding noise, I took myself off down town Gloucester to pick up a very nice looking FujiFilm Finepix, can't remember the model number. It was only £69.99 in 'Cash Converters'. When the young fella was explaining the camera to me he said it doesn't use an SD Card but uses an XD card, not easily available. He advised me to see if they still do them at 'The Camera Exchange' up the road.
At The Camera Exchange I found they don't do them and they are only available on-line nowadays. I had a browse at what he had to offer and finished up picking up a very lovely, second hand, little Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ40 for only £10.00 more than the Fuji, fits my needs perfectly except for the size which won't fit into my pocket. However, he reduced the price on a new small bag to carry it around in and I'm very happy.
Had a play with it but the battery is very low so it is currently on charge and the user guide says 3h 5m for a full charge.

Looking forward to learning about it and trying it out tomorrow.

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