Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas

Flower selfie

on a quiet day
a selfie with a flower
silly saturday

A bit better large, imho.

After the problem with the techies on Friday, it was a relief to see their colleagues arrive within the time slot they had given us - though 15 minutes from its later end.

The phone plugs in the house were so full of verdigris (because of over ten years of not being used, in a house that has not been properly heated in the wet months for at least fifteen years) that they could not possibly use them. Also, they were old plugs, those you actually plugged your phones in, before the internet box era. So they had to go back to the pylon and pull a cable from it and into the house. It's actually much better than it would have been if they had found working plugs, as the cable is brand new and therefore very efficient.

We are now fully equipped to talk on a landline, but also to surf the internet and watch TV. Also, having the box will allow us to use a femtocell box which is a gizmo that will greatly improve our mobile phone reception. Jean-Pierre had talked to me about it and the technician told me how it works: it transforms the box's signal into a local 3G network that devices connected to the box can use through wifi - if they are with the same internet services provider. Technology really is something, especially when you're in an isolated place, as we are.

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