Em and Grandbaby!

Em is supposed to be working! Grandbaby is FaceTiming her aunt! She loves FaceTiming. Her cousin FaceTimed us this morning and grandad/Ro face timed later! I was delighted to finally have made contact! He is enjoying the food in Ukraine!

Our daughter and Em left around one and then Grandbaby had a nap on my lap! While Little Missy watched some great kids programs then I read her some stories. She wanted to know why little red riding hood was not always the same story - this book has a rather horrible ending!

Then we had a drink and some fruit bread and I creamed the pair of them. We were just going out to play in the sand when Mum arrived. It was really hot and lovely in the garden!

When they had all gone I watched Mass through a webcam. A really interesting sermon too. Since I spoke to Ro again and a first lot of bedding etc was washed and dried in the garden!

Love to all. I’ll try and catch up tomorrow!

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