By stujphoto

Garden Trees IR

I thought for a change now that the spring greenery and foliage has appeared that I wold take a few IR images and then thought why not do it in the garden to compare how the IR treatment renders the different types of foliage. I wandered around the garden taking a few shots and then when I came to process them I found that the preset profile I use on IR subjects taken with my Canon 5D had disappeared from Lightroom. It took me at least another half hour to discover that these profiles had been moved to the Basic part of the editing programme. 

It's interesting that the brightest almost white foliage is from a shrub that has dark maroon leaves and even the darker copper beech behind it has light grey tones. The staghorn sumac tree ( with the angled trunk ) has fairly light green leaves so I expected that to be fairly light and yet the sycamore at the rear has quite dark tones. Cropped out of shot is our summerhouse which is painted green and that was a very bright white.

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