By S_Dee

Editing day

I had breakfast today, was drawing for a bit (picture) and arrived around 12.30pm. J&L made a list of how the movie will be put together, where the music gets added in etc. Such a good work!

With J constantly pushing us we had to hurry, L and I did a really good job. J came for a quick visit as well whilst L and I were trying to get things done as prefect as possible.

L is very talented, she composed the music to the movie and we've added it in.

Around 6pm we were finished, drive to the venue (we even managed to find a parking space in front of the venue!) And handed the movie in. We good a picture taken, a voucher for a beer and then gradually J and K with her friend C arrived. We had a few lovely chats and later on I left to have dinner at "La Garrigue" and the others all went to have pizza.

Picture: my drawing of the three main characters of the movie. Left Mackenzie, middle Poppy, right Jackie.

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