Awakening Foxglove

No sooner had the peonies put on their show, (and I do wish the bush could stagger the flowering, it's all or nothing,) than the foxgloves suddenly bloom.

It was 5 pm and I thought, oh b*****, I need to blip. This foxglove dutifully obliged.

Weary today. I didn't think I'd overdone it yesterday but I must have done.

Achievements today include searching for house insurance policies and finally signing up to one £150 cheaper than the quote from the current insurer. Also sorting out all the saved apples from last Autumn and consigning all but four to the wormery, plus ordering new stuff for maintaining the worms.

I did also order myself a Benro geared head for my Benro tripod. Not sure how useful that will be when I can't get down to view Live View or through the viewfinder when using the Canon. Somewhere, I have one of those L-shaped viewers that I can attach to the eyepiece. It can't be too far away.

Much easer with the Fujis and the flip screens.

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