Awaiting Arrangement

Misty and dank over the forest at first, then heavy rain. A gutter overflowed and two alerts logged that the flood alarm on Charnwood Road had been triggered. The rain stopped by 11 am

A red letter day for me in that it was the first day in six weeks that I had been down to the village shopping. First stop was Bloomin' Marvellous where I chose blooms for this week's flower photography project. The lady in the shop was disappointed that I hadn't brought Basil. I pointed out that I couldn't control him on a lead and carry a shopping basket at the same time.

Seeing as I was on my own, I popped into Cafe Leo's next door for a latte, but I won't be eating there. No effort at all to cater for people needing gluten free diets.

Still on a roll, I walked along Field Street to New and Nearly New pursued on my mobile by Len ringing to ask where I was. We kept missing each other's calls. I wondered if they might have a small table on which I could pose flower arrangements. And they did. A small trolley with a compartment opened by a desk lid and a cutlery drawer. Perhaps it was a tea trolley and cake forks were supposed to be kept in the drawer.

It had just arrived from a house clearance and seemed perfect for what I wanted. The right size, height, a polished surface albeit with  a couple of flaws. The shop assistant had to clear out the desk of a mass of cotton reels. I thought about the old lady who had probably owned this previously and had had to abandon it in her house. I remarked to the sales assistant that house clearances always seemed so sad.

Len brought the van and I piled in with trolley and shopping basket. I even cleaned and polished the trolley  when I got home. It's not often I wield a duster and spray polish. I think a few coats of beeswax wouldn't go amiss.

Today's blip is of the flowers I bought plunged into a bucket of water overnight ready for tomorrow.

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