Cormorant and Swans

Singing Lesson popped up in my diary. I wasn't sure if Judy was going to be there today so drove into Leicester anyway. She wasn't at home.

I took the opportunity to go to Paper Spectrum, near the National Space Centre on the River Soar, to buy some backing board. The unit next door was vacant so I left the car while walking Basil into next door Abbey Park, where I saw a cormorant on the weir and two swans swimming by with their cygnets.

In the afternoon, I had a lightning appointment to get my hair trimmed. It's a good haircut but not done by my regular hairdresser. I hope the curls will reappear.

Then a dash to Ashby to have my toe looked at at the Podiatry Clinic. It was so worth it. Louisa removed a corn growing at the side of the nail. No wonder I'd been in pain.

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