White Foxglove

A quickie today as I'm getting ready for the Leicester Bach Choir gallivant to the Ardennes. It's a packed schedule and I hope I survive without getting too tired.

The day started by taking Basil to his doggy hotel, with bed blanket, feeding tray and a couple of toys. As before, he started barking a good half mile before reaching the kennels and his tail was wagging as I took him out of the car. He didn't seem so keen once we reached the gate and he watered the doggy doorstep. Head down, tail down, he followed Nan dutifully into the kennels area.

He seems to recognise his favourite destinations and starts barking a street away. I do wonder how he knows.

For the rest of the morning, a  matter of sorting out a total mess of sheet music which has been put together without care or thought. I downloaded two pieces of sheet music which I think I will need, and I've even bought Parry's Songs of Farewell for when I get back and it's home concert time.

Nipped out to capture this beautiful white foxglove. Tell me how the foxgloves have managed to seed themselves at the front of the border and not at the back!

Len wanted a portrait too. WEDC are offering him part time work, which is good news, and he needed a mug shot.

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