A club-tailed dragon who fortuitously flew past as we were eating a lunchtime baguette on the banks of the Loire amidst the host of banded demoiselles fluttering on the reeds.

Early doors this morning for the ferry at Portsmouth over to Le Havre, followed by a drive down to the absolutely gorgeous area of the Ile  D'Oléron. 

Driving over to the island we passed huge pylons and nesting on nearly every one was a stork. Hubs clocked a track into a wonderful wetland area and I spent a good hour shooting black-tailed kites and storks! It was magical but I did miss my blip twin in the backseat who we both knew would have loved it.

I have a new laptop as my old one died a death but although it's been set up Photoshop and Bridge weren't and I have been pulling my hair out trying to get some sense out of it. Hours later I have a blip to upload! Yay! Still a way to go but a result of sorts.

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