Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos


All the world around me has gone mad.  Primarily it stems from the light rail works.  They have now blocked off from 9.30am today until 5 am on Monday, a main thoroughfare and one I use to get to and from work.  As a consequence, traffic is now being funnelled in the most indirect routes.  It was chaos on the roads this evening.  This is going to happen over the next three weekends and so I am going to walk to work on Fridays I have decided.  That will teach them.

Meanwhile, to get in on the act of generalised chaos the seas are huge again.   At Merewether baths this evening it looked like someone had thrown in bucket of laundry detergent.  There was foam everyone.  Either that or one of the 83 containers which were washed overboard from a ship anchored off the coast contained washing detergent.

I should be making a costume for a party tomorrow night but I have to admit all I want to do is sit and relax and do nothing.  Happy weekend blipmates.

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