A Duet For Roses

....for Flower Friday.
Thank you BikerBear for hosting.
A bit of excitement and a near disaster in the garden this morning.  T was in the kitchen when he noticed a tiny baby Blue Tit in the middle of the lawn.  It's parents were frantically calling to it. Then T noticed next door's cat had spotted it and was crawling up the path towards it..  So T went out and chased the cat away, intending to pick up the baby and put on one of the bushes so that it's parents could get to it safely.  However, the baby had flown in to the bush by itself and the adults went to it.  They all disappeared then after a while the adults resumed their feeding duties, so I think they had enticed their baby back into the nest box.  You always get one child too adventurous for it's own good.

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