By Veronica

Eagle eyes

An afternoon out at the medieval craft fair at Fontfroide Abbey. There were various craftspeople displaying traditional skills such as blacksmithing, spinning, weaving, woodworking, archery, and whacking people with heavy blunt instruments. They all looked the part.

Part of the entertainment on offer was a display of raptors -- we rightly guessed that you needed to stake out a place early to have any chance of decent photos, so we were there 20 minutes before it was due to start. It was interesting because they showed a variety of unusual birds, including a road-running vulture from the Falklands (it doesn't fly unless absolutely necessary) and a hungry African vulture that settled on a member of the audience. Also a beautiful owl, and this eagle. I was spoilt for choice and had trouble picking my blip out of the 124 options available. I like the way this lady seems to take on some of the characteristics of the bird she is holding. I've still got loads of photos to go through, but there's a small album here.

It almost rained but luckily held off until we were ready to leave. We had a nice wander round the gardens too, discovering wilder parts that we haven't seen before.

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