By Cr055ie

New Beginnings

Feeling a little more positive than I have of late.  I love seeing the new chicks on the boating lake, new life, new beginnings.

Been a strange couple of months since my last posting.  Been keeping myself busy and keeping myself to myself.  That's the way I have always dealt with the stuff live throws at me.

So update on everything:  Lacey's tumour came back and she had to undergo yet more brain surgery.  It had regrown so quickly that the surgeons felt it was imperative to remove every bit of it this time.   So eleven hours of surgery and all the worry that goes with it for both Lacey and her Mum Dani.  I am pleased to say she came out of the aesthetic and spoke immediately which is something she didn't do last time.  Not only did she speak she addressed Mum by name and told her she was tired and wanted to be left alone.  So again brain functioning much better than last time.  She has forgotten how to walk again but she learnt really quickly after the last operations so this won't be a problem we hope.  She was allowed home after four days which again was so much better than the three months she was in hospital last time.  All in all a fantastic result.

Update on Phil. Well we have been cancelled seven times now and he still has not had his heart surgery.  We will be going to Castle Hill tomorrow and hopefully unless an emergency is taken in again he will be in theatre on Tuesday.  Almost three years since he was first admitted feeling a little unwell!  It is so disappointing to be given a date one day and then a few days before you are due to attend you get your surgery cancelled.  We have even been cancelled after being admitted and pre- meds administered.  I really do understand that emergencies come first, and I would be the first to want the surgeons to take all the time then needed to get the job done successfully, but it doesn't seem fair that a person should have seven cancellations in six months, when they were promised they would be back within 28 days at Christmas.

Enough of my moaning.  Things are going to get better.  Positive mental attitude is where I am at today.

Had a fabulous weekend with family and friends and a quite day with hubs today visiting the boating late and seeing the newly hatched signets, and goslings.  Didn't see any ducklings yet, I think they may have been hiding.  Got home and I tackled the front and back lawns.  I will sleep tonight.  I'm shattered.

Will try catch up with everyone's posts in the next few days

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