Work in progress

I took the first version of this at the pub yesterday but thought I could get closer to what I was after if I tried when the sun was a bit higher and if I climbed into the bushes rather than sitting on the bench. Today's attempt was better but I was about 15 minutes too late. I'll have another go next time the sun shines.

Many thanks for the sympathy for yesterday's mishap. I have one rather impressive bruise but feel absolutely fine.

Coincidentally, my local councillor knocked on the door today and asked if I had any issues. Well yes: roundabouts that don't look like they are roundabouts. (This one is just a circle on the ground in a slightly different colour from the rest of the road and I think it's unsafe. I had an almost identical near miss on the other side of the same roundabout a couple of months ago when a large lorry didn't stop for me when I was already on the roundabout.) She told me to report the accident to the police as incident references would help build a picture of the danger.

Once on the police website I discovered that because I was injured (in the lowest category: bruising, abrasion, shock) both the driver and I were obliged to report the incident within 24 hours. So I texted him to let him know - I really don't want him prosecuted for failing to report an accident as well as the shock and guilt I imagine he's already suffering. I think we both got in with 30 minutes to spare.

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