George 'n Harry

By George_n_Harry

Finished for the day

Oh, for heaven's sake.  I get really fed up with this tap tap tippity tap ALL day.

It's time to stop now; it time for a you know what that begins with W.

I stood on tippy toe so SHE would pick me up, and then I settled down with my back legs in her lap, and my front legs all over her keyboard, at which point SHE called HIM to take a photo, and then you'll never guess what happened.  SHE put me down and started this tippity tap nonsense all over again.

So, once I got the thought transfer out of the way, I curled up in my basket, and now I'm snoring loud enough to waken Mishy.

This time last year they started out on a road trip all the way to New South Wales to meet ME.

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