Now, what I might ask has a bottle of something called "wine" have to do with a small black dog?  Quite a lot according to her.  But not me.  No, not me.

Reverie means (according to the dictionary) a state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream.

Today they have been thinking about Mishy because it's exactly a year ago since she crossed over to the rainbow bridge.  And every time they think about Mishy they think how sad it is that they had to lose her to get me.  Me and Mish would have made the bestest team ever.  We all know that.  But it wasn't possible.  But it's good to think about her and to think about her and me together, and all three of us have been lost in a reverie.  And tonight they are going to raise a glass.  I can't, but I would if I could.  (And now she's got a lump in her throat thinking about it all).

Actually I was scared witless of the bottle because I've never seen one before.  Well, I have, but bottles are kept on the bench not on the ground next to a small black dog.

In other news we did go for a walk in the Park this afternoon - I liked that very much, and we do go for a walk there nearly every day, but they don't very often take photos of it, or of me, because there's never enough time, or enough light, or enough of anything.

I'm thankful that there's just enough time for a nice long walk.

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