More supervising

Big dramas today!!  They (as in the rangers) found some guns on the far back corner of the brick shed.  Now, having seen the brick shed, it seems to me that it's a very good place to stay away from.  But no, THEY (as in them), had to go and visit to try and find any documentation.

Talk about a palaver!!

Anyway the guns was all taken out by the Rangers and stored in a special locked storage area so they could not be used for shooting.

All's well that end's well; but as you can imagine I had to check it all out with THEM and make sure they didn't get into any mischief, on account of I need someone to look after me, especially her.

And I did look after her yesterday when she didn't feel well in the Park, and I had to look after her until he did come back with the car.  But she's OK now, which is all well and good.

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