Best part of the day

I when SHE says - Hey, Mishi!  And it's a special voice which means let's go for a walk.  I know when it's going to happen because Raj gets put into the laundry and his window gets shut, and he gets his food bowl taken into him in case he gets peckish. 

And then SHE gets me dressed in my harness and we go out - usually down to the Lake.  But today no sooner did we get there than it did thunder and it did lighten.  And do you know what?  I am not the slightest bit afraid of loud noises.  Apparently that's quite remarkable.

So (once I had done you know what) we did a swift about turn and we did go for a little drive, and she did show HIM and ME a block of land that she did find.

Then we came home again.

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