Sunshine on my face makes me happy

It was a lovely afternoon, and THEY did decide right in the middle of it that we should go for a walk around the lake. 

And we did see another Pomeranian Australanian, and it was ever so tiny, and SHE did say to HIM I am so glad that Mish is the size she is.  Yes, she did.  So it doesn't matter that I am a bit big.

And I did go for a paddle, because my feet were hot and the water was lovely and cool.

And I did get really tired and had to have a little sit, whereupon she did one of her swoops (you haven't lived until you've seen her swoop), and carried me for a little while, and I did like that too.

And I did get up 5 times in the night for a you know what, and I think she must be a bit poorly, because she didn't complain, no not once.

Thank you all ever so much for the lovely comments over the past few days. They have made her and him smile, and I like that.

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